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Made by real people with love in Pennsylvania, Sweet Jubilee uses premium ingredients and a small batch approach. Learn more about us.






About Us

Sweet Jubilee offers a unique, delicious – and accessible – alternative to mass made confections or high priced luxury chocolates. People love our goodies because they are a completely fresh, great tasting and fun alternative. Our treats stand out on shelves and in mouths!

Made by real people with love, we are located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Sweet Jubilee uses premium ingredients and a small batch approach while still manufacturing enough goodies to supply discerning grocers, retailers, gourmet markets and wholesale gourmet gift buyers around the nation. We can fulfill wholesale orders within two weeks and our products are long lasting enough for a 6 month sales period – not that you will need it!

  • Small Batch Process
  • Premium Ingredients
  • Unique Combinations

We stand out in aisles and in the industry because we create original blends of sweet, crunchy, salty, crispy, and creamy goodness that turn any day into a celebration. Our product line includes everyday indulgences in convenient resealable pouches and special gift/seasonal items with clear packaging and ribbons that give an eye-popping taste of the goodness to come.

Established in 2010, we built our reputation on the nationally recognized Brittle Bark®. Our signature, not-too-sweet crispy caramel with combinations of popcorn, crunchy nuts, chewy fruits, salty snack pieces and premium spices are perfect for on-the-go snacking or special occasions.

Brittle Bark® was named “Snack of the Day” by Rachael Ray and since then we have created some new deliciousness worthy of that award! From peanut butter or caramel covered pretzels dipped in premium chocolate to crowd favorites like Oreos® topped with chocolate and hand drizzles, our products please the palates of traditionalists and trendsetters alike.

  • Brittle Bark
  • Sweet Nuts
  • Cookies
  • Chocolates
  • Seasonal Gifts and more

Sweet Jubilee Gourmet’s goal is to offer trend-forward, inspired combinations of flavors and textures using impeccably fresh, high-quality ingredients, while keeping it all at accessible price points. We are continually inventing new blends (#bestjobever). Our sweets, treats and snacks prove that you can have a sophisticated palate and still enjoy the fun and fanciful aspects of everyday gourmet indulgence!

What will we do next with our selection of fresh and high end popcorn, brittle, peanut butter, caramel, pretzels, nuts and chocolate?

Customers Love

  • Karley H.

    My regular customers are hooked on these products!

  • Karley H.

    Sweet Jubilee carries something fun for every age to enjoy!

  • Karley H.

    Great packaging and quality gourmet treats!

  • Angela L.

    Their amazing collection is popular with visitors and locals for special occasions that happen every day! Beautifully packaged and so delicious!

  • Jenny B.

    If you’re looking for a delicious treat to offer your clients you can’t go wrong with anything from Sweet Jubilee.  We have been carrying their products for years and always get great feedback when we include them in our gift baskets.  The chocolate dipped licorice is a personal favorite and sure to be an unexpected treat to anyone who tries it.

  • Kim H.

    Sweet Jubilee is a great company – it is easy to place an order, the candy ships on time and is absolutely delicious! The boxed chocolate covered Oreos are always a favorite!

  • Cindy A.

    We have been ordering from Sweet Jubilee for years. Not one time has there been an issue. Everything is BEAUTIFULLY packaged!! 

  • Becky R.

    Our customers come back specifically for your Goodies every year. And a fair share goes home with us too!!!

  • Edward B.

    Super quality, sure sells!!!

  • Olivia M.

    The chocolate covered pretzels are so good I didn’t want to share them.

  • Sarah D.

    I meant to only eat one Sweet Knot but we finished the bag.

  • Judy L.

    I NEED to know where else I can get the chocolate covered licorice, I’m addicted.

  • Cheryl L.

    Oh my god, this just made me fall in love with brittle!

We sell direct to national, regional and boutique grocers and retailers. Learn more about how to order wholesale here.