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Behind The Scenes

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Behind the Scenes

How does Sweet Jubilee make enough goodies to ship across the nation while maintaining small batch quality? Get a peek behind the scenes.


Behind The Scenes




Small Batch Craft Meets Modern Efficiency

How does Sweet Jubilee make enough goodies to ship across the nation while maintaining small batch quality?

Like any “factory,” we work on an assembly line – but unlike most factories today, our assembly line consists of real people working with specialty culinary machines and their hands.

Step one is getting the fresh, premium ingredients ready. We pop our own popcorn, make our own caramel, whip peanut butter and temper the chocolate.

Our brittle is made in small 2 pound batches then broken up for direct bagging or mixing with popcorn and then hand drizzled.

We create our trend forward combinations on trays that are taken to the enrobing (chocolate covering) and stringing (chocolate lines) stations.

After everything is assembled, most products pass through a cooling tunnel – though chocolates in molds are refrigerated before the finishing touches.

Some of our treats pass through the hopper where chips and nonpareils are dropped on top.

Our gifts, cookies and seasonal specialties are carried over to a special area for hand dipping and decorating. .

The last stop is the “catching” at the end of the line where folks bag and bow up the confections. This may be the hardest job of all as they have to resist temptation!

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A “Sweet” Vibe

On any given day, you’ll find a fun, energetic vibe among the 20 or so people making Brittle Bark, Sweet Knots, Pretzels, Cookies, and Seasonal Delights. The radio is usually playing pop music except in October/November when we get in the mood for our busiest season with holiday tunes.

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Always Innovating

Ever wonder how we come up with our unique combinations? It’s truly a group effort. Everyone who works at Sweet Jubilee is on the lookout for new trends or trying new combinations and designs to keep things “fresh.” Our Brittle Bark was born from a “happy mistake” and we keep that open mindset as we experiment with new flavors. It’s no wonder why we are the choice of trendsetters and traditionalists alike.

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